Need to know more about graphic design services?  Please Checkout the FAQ below. I am committed to providing excellent customer service to each client and to working on a project until the client is satisfied.
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Do you deliver your final product in a PDF version that is ready to print?

Yes! The STANDARD and PREMIUM packages both contain a PDF copy. When delivering the requirements, please include the printing rules provided by your supplier; this will allow me to create a PDF file that is 100% ready to print. You might also provide me the link to the product page, and I’ll look into it.

What do I need to bring?

Before the work may begin, the flyer content (text, logo forms, etc.) must be submitted. Make sure any photographs you own are licensed for commercial use if you want me to use them. Copyright infringements relating to files you share with me are not a concern for me.

Is it possible for you to find photos for me?

If you need images for commercial use, I can find them for you for free or charge a fee for premium high-quality stock images. For a single project, the least will be licensed for commercial use.

Is it okay if I copy photos from Google or another search engine?

Not at all, unfortunately! If the owner of a photo taken from the internet discovers it in any of your commercial use marketing material without his permission or a paid license, you could be penalized. For the content you send, I do not rely on any copyright infringements.

How many revisions are included in the package?

Each plan includes different revisions. If you require additional revision, I will gladly apply them for an additional fee.

What exactly is a 'revision'?

All minor changes to a provided design are considered revisions. For example, replacing a tiny section of text, replacing a picture, or changing the colors. Design ideas and content should be addressed before beginning the order, therefore creating a new design layout or adding a new large paragraph is not considered a “revision.”

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