Orilafinju Website Project

Branding Design  +  Art Exhibition  +   Mobile Website 

Ori l’afinju is a duo-exhibit of two generations yoruba artists, Segun Adeku & Gbenga Adeku.

The body of works for the exhibition discuss what it means that the head (Orí) is metaphorically the god of beauty and the custodian of an healthy human environment.

The Exhibition Contains:

  1. Upcycle Artworks.
  2. Surreal Paintings
  3. Hand Made Deep-Etching Prints.
  4. Functional Upcycle Sculptures
  • Gbenga Adeku
  • Art 🎨
  • Design, Art exhibition, Website
  • December, 2020
  • www.orilafinju.com
What is orilafinju
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Art preview Orilafinju website
Truly professional & top notch service was my experience when we worked together in building a website for my company. I'm satisfied and I'm sure we'll have a lot more to do together in the future.

– Gbenga Adeku / CEO Orilafinju

Afinjú means a neat and cautious person. A person who pays doting attention to self and environment. Going deeper, Afinjú connotes the attribute of aesthetics, taste, excellence, being polished, fashionable in a person.

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