How To Find Your Unique Selling Point

Unique Selling Point

Before knowing how to find your unique selling point You need to know what is unique selling point and why unique selling point is important.

What is Unique Selling Point?

When we find a way of making our contents, services, or products different from others, we call that a unique selling point. From the word unique, unique selling point
(USP) is simply the uniqueness of your business. In content marketing, it’s what makes your content different from others. A unique selling point (USP) is also known as unique selling proposition. Unique selling point may also be defined as what makes your service/product better than your competitors.

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Why Unique Selling Point?

A good unique selling point represents your brand’s uniqueness in marketplace. The value of your service and the problem your brand solves are what make your brand
stand out. If there’s no difference in all products, your potential customers won’t know which is one is best for them.

However, when you state a clear unique selling proposition, you are giving them another option apart from the available varieties. Unique selling proposition is very
important, especially if your business is an online business. As a content marketer, or any business owner, you need to clearly state your target audience. Always consider and communicate why you are offering your service, who your service is for, and how to make a unique impact.

It’s important to find your unique selling point because is the most crucial part of your marketing approach to attract new customers. Your unique selling proposition is the main reason why your customer will buy from you; it is your key differentiator.

What are the Examples of Unique Selling Point?

Let’s take a look at this simple illustration. Miss A sells handbags, and she has a good unique selling point: you can return any handbag you buy from her if you don’t like it
and she sells her handbags at normal rate. Miss B also sells handbags, and has a good unique selling point: she offers 20% discount when you buy two handbags. Miss C also sells handbags, and has a good unique selling point: she sells handbags at cheaper rate and she gives her customers 100 days guarantee.

Miss A USP is that your money is refundable if you don’t like any of the handbags you purchase. Miss B USP is that she offers 20% discount whenever you buy two handbags. And Miss C USP is that she gives her customers 100 days guarantee.

However, a unique selling point falls into some categories namely:

  • Quality – good materials or ingredients
  • Pricing – cheapest rate, discount, free shipping, etc.
  • Credibility – trust, good customer relationship, etc.

How to Communicate your Unique Selling Point?

  1. Advertising – campaigns, adverts, brand marketing, and traditional media.
  2. Social media – you can communicate your unique selling point via social media
    platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  3. Content marketing – creating a quality content that tells your audience about your
    business. How your service differ from other competitors.
  4. Digital marketing – you can create a website and put your unique selling point as the
    tagline of your product page.
  5. Search marketing – improve your website SEO. Let your content be SEO optimized
    to rank high in search engines,
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