[Easiest Steps] How to Build a Brand Identity

How to Build a Brand Identity

When you want to build a brand identity, at this point you feel like your mind is about exploding. This is because several questions will keep popping up. Questions
like how do I want my brand to look like? Will my brand attract customers? Will my branch reach my target audience?

All these questions will keep coming over and over again. However creating a strong brand identity will surely reach your target audience and attract customers.

Easiest Steps to Build a Brand Identity

The following steps will guide you in creating a strong brand identity.

  1. Research your target audience and competitors – The first step to creating a brand identity is to study your target audience and possible competitors. This helps to know your potential customers, and how strong your competitors are. There are some ways to go about targeting your audience.
    You can Google search your service, talk to people who are part of target market, or go shopping online. This will give you a clue about how people demand for that particular product or service. It also helps reveal your market competitors.
  2. Stay focused – Your brand cannot meet all the demands of your customers initially. But if you find your unique value and stay focus, your brand will be great sooner than later. Try to study your brand and create a personality that will attract customers.
  3. Choose your business name – The third step we have here is choosing your business name. Your brand name should depend on the kind of business you are trying to start.
    You can decide to use your name or your nickname. It all depends on how you want it. But irrespective of your brand’s name, your personality and action are what give the name meaning in the market. Your brand’s name influences your brand logo, domain, marketing, and even your hallmark registration. It’s not ideal to choose an existing name because your customers might find it hard differentiating your product/service from others.
  4. Write a slogan – You could find these short words in many brands. A slogan is a phrase associated with a product — a catchword. Your slogan can be on your
    website’s header, brand logo, or even on your product. Slogan is short, descriptive, catchy, and makes a powerful impression.
    An example of slogan is “just do it” used by Nike, “the symbol of quality” used by Rite, etc. However, you can also create your own catchy slogan.
  5. Choose your brand look – Once you have chosen a brand name, the next step is choosing your brand appearance. If you are not into graphic design, it is better for you to give the job to a professional. They will do it for you. Choosing a wrong color may result to low impressions from your audience. But choosing a color and font that fit in may likely attract customers.
  6. Design your logo – Designing your logo is as important as choosing your brand’s name and appearance. Your brand’s logo is evidence that your brand exist. However, when creating your brand’s logo, let it be unique, simple, and identifiable. Let your logo circulate from your social media profile down to your page.
    Make sure your brand appearance complement your brand’s logo. This helps convey your brand to the world.
  7. Apply your branding across all your business – The last step here is applying your branding across all your business. This helps to give your business a strong brand story. Have it in mind that your brand story denotes what your business stands for. However, you can add a mission statement and values to your website. This helps
    inform your audience why your brand was established.
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